Common Tags Used in HTML

Clare and Whatever. Yes, that's the cat's name. Quotes around the names were created with the <q> tag
We have five pets: (This is created with the <blockquote> tag.)
Seis de Mayo,
Sammy, and

Putting them in order of age, oldest to youngest, they are: (This was created with the <ol> and <li> tags.)
  1. Tomorrow,
  2. Seis de Mayo,
  3. Sammy,
  4. Clare, and
  5. Whatever
Notice how I've shown the tag notation and it didn't create a tag. That's because I used the ampersand (&) with lt for the left bracket, and gt for the right bracket. For a more complete list (but leaving the site), click here . For a reference list of HTML tags, click here, but, again, you will leave this site.

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